5NITRO+ Forex Indicator

    Dynamic Forex, Equity, Commodity, CFD, Bonds, BitCoins, and Futures Indicator – Multiple Time Frame Aggregation Tool

    January 03, 2017  - The New 6N+ Upgrade for MT4 Builds 1031+ is being coded. Special download links will be made available to most customers of NITRO+ 2NITRO+ 3NITRO+ 4NITRO+ and 5NITRO+ dating back to December 2010. This site along with ForexFactory.com will be updated to indicate. *Please Note:   6NITRO+ 6.00 (6N+) for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) requires a password from each user and is limited to three (3) simultaneous machines. One or all of these machines may be a VPS. Full description of 5NITRO+ and HTML-Based User Manual located at sister site www.megatrendFX.com

    5NITRO+ Multiple Meter, Multiple Pair Configuration - 55 Templates Provided Free

    5NITRO+Lo Multiple Meter Configuration Displayed Lower Window and Below One Click Panel - 55 Templates Provided Free

      5NITRO+ FormulamatriXx overbought oversold indications

      view megatrendFX.com for ALL TRADING INSTRUCTIONS including Non-Intraday

      Instructions and Videos for use are all included at www.megatrendfx.com (HTML Based). Additional PDF documents and additional ShockWave Flash Video Files are not included in the .zip file. The HTML based Instructions here are constantly added to, updated, and refocused as we receive feedback from users about what their issues are.

      If after reading through the entire megatrendfx.com site prior to downloading the indicators you are not able to understand what these tools actually do or how you might be able to personally use any of them to help improve your ‘already existing trading strategy, setup, style, plan’ then it might be beneficial to DELAY DOWNLOADING until you do.

      Or, you can contact WYFX using this Contact Form, and someone will try to help you visualize how to utilize the software for whatever your trading style and needs may be. Please try to include as much info as possible about your trading setup and trading objectives when contacting us for help.

      Included In and With Your Instant Download 5NITRO+.zip Purchase:

      *Trading instructions not included here on this site or with your purchase. There are no trading instructions. Use the information this tool provides as you see fit. General Trading Guidelines, Tips, and Ideas are provided at the www.megatrendfx.com sister site. Full Installation Instructions and Tool Operation Instructions including detailed explanation of every single meter component and graphic provided at the www.megatrendfx.com sister site.

      1 5N+.ex4
       Forex Indicator File   main indicator for use on main chart window
      2 5N+ Lower.ex4
       Forex Indicator File   for use in ANY of the bottom indicator windows
      3 Free Updated ClearChart 2 Heiken Ashi Smoothed Forex Indicator
       Forex Indicator File   perfected mt4 heiken ashi smoothed with additional user adjustments
      4 Fifty-Five (55) Preconfigured Template .tpl Files
       Highlighting Massive Configuration Options to Suit All Users
      5 Continually Updated HTML Based Support

       View Your Web-Based 5NITRO+ User Manual @ www.megatrendfx.com

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