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The Names Metatrader and MT4 along with the Metatrader Logo © Copyright Metaquotes Software Corp.

The Name megatrendFX is a Trademark of WYFX LLc. ©2008.

The Names NITRO+ 5NITRO+ Forex Indicator, and WYFX are Trademarks of WYFX LLc. ©2010.

There Are No Refunds.

The Free Upgrades Not Sent Automatically.

*** All WYFX LLc. (dba www.WYFXco.com – www.megatrendFX.com) Software is Proprietary. We Reserve Intellectual Property Rights. We actively and aggressively pursue ‘Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998′ and ‘Protecting Intellectual Rights Against Theft and Expropriation Act of 2004′ protection and European Union Copyright Directive or EUCD means. This protection is enforced regardless of the violating jurisdiction (i.e. Soviet Union, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia) with the cooperation of search engines, web hosts, website owners, distribution facilitators (i.e. eBay), and payment processors; almost all of which have a presence in The United States and or The European Union. We allow minimum of 48 hours to remove offending page or file upon our first contact through website contact form or email before DMCA reports or PayPal reports are faxed.

Distribution of Any Product Here is Prohibited. Resell Rights Are Not Granted for Any Product. The Attempt to Sell our Products will Result in your Merchant Account Likely Being Closed due to Infringement Policies in your Agreement being Violated. This Includes, but is not Limited to: PayPal, Google Checkout, eBay, iOffer, Alibaba, ClickBank, Liberty Reserve, PayLoadz, e-Junkie, MoneyBookers, NetSpend, Western Union, MoneyGram, Baidu, AND ALL VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, & AMERICAN EXPRESS Merchant Account Providers/Processors.

Upon the finding of a website distributing or selling our products or source code, contact will be made and the website owner and/or author and/or web host will be allowed 48 hours for removal in full including hop links and creative forwarding techniques.

The purchase of any of our products does NOT grant you the authority or ownership rights to:
1. create modifications of any perceived technical limitations in the binary versions of the software
2. reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the binary versions of the software, except and only to the extent that applicable law expressly permits, despite this limitation
3. make more copies of the software than specified in this agreement or allowed by applicable law, despite this limitation
4. publish the software or code for others to copy or view
5. rent, lease, sell or lend the software
6. transfer the software or this agreement to any third party
7. use the software integrated within commercial software hosting services for commercial gain not derived from the intended use or for any purpose of sharing.

Explanation of the PayPal Infringement Report that will be faxed:
Infringement Report Policy
Infringement Report Form PDF

The Use of Our Images or ShockWave Flash Files Without Permission is Prohibited. This Includes “Changing The File Name” of the Picture with the Intent of Distribution on your Forex Spam Site, eBay, iOffer, ClickBank, e-Junkie, or Alibaba.

Due to the Digital Properties of Our Products and the Inability to Implement Any Type of Sustainable or Reliable Protection from the Decompiling of our Products through the use of MetaTrader 4 Coding or Third Party DLL Applications, There Are No Refunds.

Download Links Expire in 120 Hours and/or 9 Attempts; Whichever Occurs First. Additional Download Time and/or Attempts May be Approved Upon Review and Confirmation of Non-Abuse. (Relax, we are not the International Download Policia – You Will Always Have Access to Your Files.)

Free Upgrades Not Sent Automatically

Users will not be sent any software upgrades if it is discovered that any of this ‘Distribution, Piracy, and Purchase Policy’ has been breached. This includes any upgrades or updates whether proactive, as a courtesy, or that are functionally necessary due to new platform builds.

Evidence of the violation(s) may be provided to you upon request.

metatrader infrastructure diagram


Metatrader 4 + NITRO+ Requirements

1. Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000, 2003, XP Service Pack(2), Vista, WIN7, or WIN8 installed and running on Local Machine is Recommended and are the only configurations in which our products are guaranteed to display properly. Viable VPS or VDI solutions running the Standard, non-mobile version can also expand usage of the Metatrader 4 Platform to non-Windows originating desktops such as Linux, Mac OS X, or iOS with proper configuration but is not recommended for proper display of our products (or any other graphically-based MT4 Custom Indicators) due to the lack of control over various settings within the VPS utilizing a version of Windows Server. Parallels for Mac also fits into the “possible” but not recommended category due to font + graphics substitution that takes place within the Host Apple Machine. The proper configuration always equals running the Standard, non-mobile version of MT4. Other operating systems are possible if they are simply used to run Windows in a virtual or remote desktop environment. This would include, for example: using an Android or Apple Tablet to Remotely View either your Windows Desktop or a Windows Server provided by a Virtual Private Server.
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: Minimum of 1GB RAM for Vista, WIN7, WIN8. Minimum 512 MB Windows 2000, 2003, XP Service Pack(2).
  • Monitor Resolution: Minimum of 1024 X 768.
  • Internet: Modem / Connection speed 36.6 Kbps or faster.
  • Windows DPI Settings Default 96 DPI.
  • 2. Your Windows Firewall: Many Brokers suggest opening port 443 of your Windows Firewall to properly run the MetaTrader 4 platform. Do this within the “Exceptions” tab of Windows Firewall by first adding Metatrader 4 as an Exception. Secondly, enter “443″ after clicking ‘Add Port” while Metatrader 4 is highlighted.

    3. You Will Need DEMO(s) or LIVE Metatrader 4 Account(s): No, our Software or any other MT4 Custom Indicators from any other developers do not work on proprietary platforms such as OANDA’s FX Trade, or FXCM’s Trading Station. You may replicate and use our products on as many of your non-commercial MT4 Brokers’ platforms as you wish.

    Display Requirements

    Windows Default DPI: Default Windows 96 DPI Settings Required*Please Be Aware: The Default DPI (font zoom) settings of 100% within your Windows Display/Resolution Settings are required for Nitro+ to display properly.

    Why? Because the MT4 Platform deals in the legacy “Pixels” not “Points”. Our X/Y location coding of each individual graphic is interpreted as and thus needs to be given by us in “Pixels” not “Points”. Various Graphical Boxes and Symbols and Arrows within NITRO+ are actually individual Wingding or Webding fonts. So while decreasing Windows DPI will in turn increase the size of these font-based graphics, the X/Y locations of these font-based graphics are not also scaled accordingly. There is no code or formula within MQL4 that allows us to poll machine DPI and then adjust X/Y accordingly.

      More Tips to Ensure Success + Your Full HTML-Based User Manual Available @ the Sister Site www.megatrendfx.com


      signup for wyfx and megatrendfx MEGA+WYFX affiliate program forex indicators and mt4 indicators


    1. Affiliate Signup Link               … Create Affiliate Account For All Products – Password 10 Character Max
    2. Affiliate Contact Form
    3. Affilate partnership share   15.0%
    4. Affiliate payouts on or around the  10  th of each month via PayPal.
    5. Minimum   31    day holding period if Non-PayPal payment method used such as Credit Card via PayPal Checkout.
    6. Minimum   180  day holding period if PayPal payment method used. (until further notice)
    7. Termination:

    8. No Spam
    9. No Spammy Things
    10. No Scammy Things
    11. No ClickBank-Type Things
    12. No Email Campaigns
    13. No Fake Review Sites
    14. No Remarketing of Organic
    15. No Deceitful Forum Tactics
    16. No Redirect Fraud / Other Fraud
    17. No Cookie Stuffing / Other Fraud
    18. No “Contact Me to Buy” / Other Fraud
    19. No Misrepresentation of Association
    20. No Misrepresentation of Performance (e.g. MAGIC!)
    21. No Google AdWords’ Competing Keywords or Phrases (e.g. NITRO+)
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