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WYFX      – United States of America

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. NO Refund Policy
  3. Free Updates Not Automatic
  4. Local and VPS Machine Requirements
  5. Trading is Risky. So Use Your Brain.
  6. Do Not Distribute our Products.
  7. WYFX Affiliate Information
  8. Contact Us Now:

    The Contact Form on this site had to be removed:(
    Russian IPs were trying to insert script by using the contact form text input area as some sort of backdoor hack?

    Rather still use a Contact Form rather than your personal email application such as Outlook or Yahoo or GMail? You can use the Contact Form in a new tab at the site linked below. E-Junkie provides our onsite checkout application and provides the instant download links along with upgrade sending. Please make sure to verify your return email address that you will enter here.

    Click Here – Contact Form

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