5NITRO+ Forex Indicator

    Dynamic Forex, Equity, Commodity, CFD, Bonds, BitCoins, and Futures Indicator – Multiple Time Frame Aggregation Tool

    January 03, 2017  - The New 6N+ Upgrade for MT4 Builds 1031+ is being coded. Special download links will be made available to most customers of NITRO+ 2NITRO+ 3NITRO+ 4NITRO+ and 5NITRO+ dating back to December 2010. This site along with ForexFactory.com will be updated to indicate. *Please Note:   6NITRO+ 6.00 (6N+) for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) requires a password from each user and is limited to three (3) simultaneous machines. One or all of these machines may be a VPS. Full description of 5NITRO+ and HTML-Based User Manual located at sister site www.megatrendFX.com

    5NITRO+ Multiple Meter, Multiple Pair Configuration - 55 Templates Provided Free

    5NITRO+Lo Multiple Meter Configuration Displayed Lower Window and Below One Click Panel - 55 Templates Provided Free

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